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Where to buy bongs in Australia

Aug 15, 2023

Bongs can be purchased in many smoke shops, adult stores and various other retailers in many parts of Australia. Due to regulations and things like display laws, the range and visibility of these products in physical stores might be very limited though.

Online retailers can naturally carry and display a far greater range of products and because of competition, usually at far lower prices. We can also source products from a wider range of suppliers and carry higher volumes of products at any given time.

Here at OzBongs we usually have in stock hundreds of different types of bongs and the total number of glass bongs we have in our warehouse is usually in the many thousands. Ranging from $30 to literally thousands of dollars, this is something a physical smoke shop naturally can't do.

Things worth mentioning; We don't drop-ship. All of the products we advertise are in stock at our warehouse. Our site software calculates the number of products we have and adjusts accordingly. When product stocks get low, we stocktake to see how many units we actually have. This isn't always perfect, but considering how many bongs we sell, it works pretty well.

We also photograph almost all of the products we stock ourselves. This means the photographs you see are photographs of the actual products we stock. This avoids a situation where you use a manufacturers photo but the actual product the manufacturer supplies is different. It is actually a common problem and why we started photographing products even when a manufacturer supplied high quality photos.

If you have any questions about buying a bong online, then please feel free to ask. Also feel free to browse our range.

Thank you.