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Rewards Points

Reward Points

We recognise the need for our customers to feel appreciated. We have implemented this simple and common rewards program on the website to reward our customers for their loyalty to us.

How it Works!

For every dollar you spend you collect 1 point for example if your product total is $139 you will receive 139 points. Points are not given for the shipping value. 

Customer Account

Customers must create an account with us to be part of the reward's program. This enables us to keep record of the points you have accrued and allows you to redeem them on your next visit. If you have made an order through a guest account prior to creating an account simply email us and we can merge the order into your account so you don't miss out on your points. 

Value of points

1 point = AU $0.05

100 points = AU $5.00

Or basically 5% of total order value. 

Redeeming Points

You can redeem the points on your next visit/order with us. You can let the points build up (eg: $500 worth of orders equals $25!) or reedem whatever points you have on your next order. There is no limit.

Monitoring your points

You can monitor your points in the 'My Account' section of the website under the 'Rewards' tab. You must be logged in under your 'Account' to view this information.


 We thank you for your customer loyalty! Happy Shopping!