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Standard VS Express Post

Aug 10, 2023

Australia Post – Standard vs Express Post

We have currently ceased express post on our postage options at checkout. The reason for this is that Ozbongs, is in a regional area of NSW. All parcels go to Sydney before they are forwarded to their destination, whether it is via express or standard shipping. Parcel size can determine whether it goes via flight or road and thus determining to overall length of travel time.

We have found that the time it takes for express post is not a lot quicker than standard shipping. We do not want to charge “you” the customer more than necessary. We do not include a handling fee in our shipping rates and often the charge on shipping is greater than what we pass on to “you” the customer.

Most of our customers tend to buy bongs, those parcels are rather large and most travel via road. The express option does not really benefit you the customer in terms of time. May save 1-2 days, but the cost is not reflective of this time saving.

As the economy of late is expensive for us all, rent, groceries, mortgage, fuel etc. We know that costs matter. The price of sending with Australia Post have increased along with these other costs and we are looking at ways to save you money.

In future we may look at express options for smaller parcels and or parcels that go directly to metro areas. We will keep you informed as we investigate this.

Thanks for your continued support to Ozbongs, we greatly appreciate this.

Paul & Nicole