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The contents of this web site are restricted to persons 18+. If you are below the age of 18, you are not permitted to use this website.


Contacting us

Please note that email is the best way of contacting us;

Email is available inside and outside of business hours and is best for more in depth enquiries. Any faults with orders needs to go through email with your order ID number and photos attached.

We do have a phone, it is quite busy but manned up until 2:30pm weekdays. Fridays may be earlier.

Payment Options

Our payment options are credit card, debit card or bank transfer by Pay ID

Our Pay ID number is 0403435057 

Credit card payments require a valid phone number.


Paypal have strict terms and conditions when it comes to smoking paraphernalia, and a lot of our products do not meet those terms and conditions. Therefore they do not allow us to use their facilities.

How discreet are our packages?

Our parcels are plain wrapped or in generic courier or post satchels. No information regarding the contents is visible. The word Ozbongs or anything else that would indicate smoking related items is not used. You can safely have our parcels delivered to a work address, there will be no indictation of the contents inside.

Are we reliable?

We have sent over 300,000 parcels to all parts of Australia since 2010 and have grown from nothing to Australia's largest online headshop in that period. We believe that we try harder to maintain a good reputation in the Australian smokeshop scene than any other online store. We are well established and have a relationship with some of the best and biggest names in the industry worldwide.

What areas do we send to?

We ship parcels to all Australian states every single work day. Every part of Australia that has a postcode can receive a parcel from us. We do not ship outside of Australia.

We ship to residential addresses, business addresses, P.O boxes and parcel lockers.

Are we the cheapest?

We don't know, we don't check what the others are selling at but we believe our prices on most products are low even on an international level. If for some reason a competitor in Australia has an identical item cheaper, please let us know, we will beat that price.

Are our products genuine?

Absolutely all of our products are genuine, we do not sell fakes and we are active in stopping the sale of counterfeit and fake products in Australia. Counterfeit products are common in Australian smoke shops but not at Ozbongs. Our glass bongs are genuine and made in the country we indicate. If we say a bong is American, Australian or German made, we guarantee it is.

What personal details do we need?

A valid phone number, email address and postal address are required for us to send orders. We will only contact you if we need to, for instance if a courier is having trouble finding your address.

How long does the shipping take?

It depends on your location and the size of the parcel. Once payment has cleared we ship straight away. Small parcels are usually two or three days to any major city. Larger parcels may take longer. Remote areas and Western Australia may take up to a week.

Why are high end bongs so expensive?

High quality glass smoking products vary in price greatly. High end bongs are made in places like North America, Germany or Australia and the price largely reflects the quality of glass, the attention to detail, quality control, development and processes such as annealing that make borosilicate glass very strong and resistant to breakage from thermal stress.