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What is an Agung bong?

Agung is an Australian brand, started over 30 years ago and the original "Aussie style" grommet bong with metal stem and brass cone piece.

Agung is still the premier supplier of Aussie style bongs in Australia and they are still Australian owned and operated. Many of their designs have been around for ever and remain unchanged since the 70's.

There are many other brands that have come around and offer Aussie style bongs, but we still consider Agung to be the OG and best quality.

The problem is, many bongs sold in smoke shops can be built to a price, not a purpose, so quality and glass thickness can be anything from terrible to decent. Agung however have remained consistent over the years and even though they may not always be the cheapest, it's still only a few dollars that separate Agung from the cheapest and lowest quality bongs, in some cases the prices are even similar.

Agung Bongs at Ozbongs Warehouse.

We stock the full range of Agung bongs, the largest in Australia, that's somewhere around 200 different bongs. They are all in stock at our warehouse, ready to go. No drop shipping.

Agung classic bonza stem glass bong 1158

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