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Amazing service, it arrived today on Friday, right in time to blaze the weekend away!

The Arabesque is such an amazing piece, and it made me so amazingly high compared to the usual one we use!

10/10 for service speed, will definitely order items from here again!

Highly recommended for blazers who need equipment ASAP.

Added May 27, 2016
Fast delivery and great service, even got an extra cone included. Definitely one of my favorite stores hands down!

Added May 25, 2016
Need a beug? look no further

your one stop shop
Beug man

Added May 21, 2016
Great first experience and will be buying from here more often. Thanks guys!

Added May 10, 2016
Ordered from these guys 6 or 7 times now and they\'ve always been a dream to deal with. Why would you ever go anywhere else? Their customer service team are absolutely awesome, the shipping is speedy and the products are always of the highest quality!
Thomas K

Added May 9, 2016
I am so impressed with the service I received! My order got approved and sent on Thursday and arrived Friday! I am so happy! everything arrived safe and sound! Such amazing products and at great prices! Thank you so much to all the staff at ozbongs ! I will be purchasing again soon!

Added May 6, 2016
Just a quick Thankyou for the quick service... my parcel arrived today.. sooner than expected... Great work !!

Added May 4, 2016
Just recieved an order and want to say a big mega thankyou! They do a fantastic job of keeping us stocked up and happy, i really dont know how they manage it time after time but they do!!!! Mighty impressive service, thanks everyone who plays a part of keeping things running so smoothly

Added May 3, 2016
Have ordered over 30 items from these guys, from high end glass to pieces and a sublimator... everything has arrived in pristine condition within 3 days of ordering. Their support team is a dream to deal with, could not more highly recommend this business!!!

Added Apr 13, 2016
Received my item within a few working days and love it. �� Great service definitely am gonna use Thi site again. Big Thanks ozbongs 5 star for sure

Added Apr 5, 2016

Added Apr 2, 2016
Prompt Service, quality products, and great prices, everything you expect from a reputable vendor.

Added Mar 23, 2016
Received my order extremely quickly. Great communication and service from company. High quality products. Great buy. Extremely happy.
Georgina Skelton

Added Mar 22, 2016
I would of spent over a grand here over the years for the simple reason id be stupid to shop anywhere else.

Id hate to see your bubble wrap bill

Added Mar 21, 2016
Overnight delivery freebies top quality stuff everything you need wrapped to perfection no way ur stuff l get damaged you could take to the pakage with a hammer n I wrekn ya goods l b unbroken what more can I say spoilyourself your worth every cent do yourself a favour pick a flavour n inhale the saviour im a happy camper
Leigh Sheppard
(my office)

Added Mar 18, 2016
These guys dude, theeese guys.

I freakin love these guys. They are theeeee best place to purchase anything for yo smoking needs forever.

Always packaged with love and hell, the world needs more and quality glass bongs.

Octo Marvel

Added Mar 13, 2016
I have been a regular customer for over 4 years now, never had a single issue, packaging is discreet and secure, the staff are extremely friendly and responsive, the range is wide and fairly priced and these guys always keep up with the latest in smoking accessories. I give a perfect 5 start score for Ozbongs and i wouldn't shop anywhere else. Stay smoking my friends!

Added Mar 9, 2016
This is my 3rd time using and I have absolutely zero complaints! I have ordered almost everything I need from here including glass, papers, wraps, lighters and grinders. Usually my order is filled with an extra goodie or two, always making my deliveries a welcome surprise!
Cheers, ozbongs.

Added Mar 8, 2016
I bought a bong for the first time from here a few days ago. The day after I paid for it, it was already being shipped to me. I spoke with an excellent person called Megan who answered all of my questions and concerns. Honestly the best customer support out there.

It arrived wrapped in heaps of bubble wrap, it looked like it could be dropped off of a building that it was that well wrapped. It came as it was shown in the photos, clean as with an extra cone piece and rubber seal.

Also they threw in some freebies which was a lovely unexpected surprise. If you guys are gonna get something, get it from here. The BEST customer service and price. Thanks guys for this awesome site.

Added Mar 4, 2016
Just got my RAW hemp tobacco pouch literally 5 minutes ago so happy with the quailty feels like its going to last a lifetime i would like to thank Megan for her support very quick responses and very helpful A+++++++++ Joe.

Added Mar 2, 2016
Great range,excellent,fast service,will be back to purchase again.

Added Mar 2, 2016
Haven't ordered in a while.
Great to see nothing vitals changed, had everything I needed, super quick delivery, well priced and I'm set for supplies.
Very happy returning customer. Must be 7 or 8 orders in now and it's always been excellent.

Added Feb 19, 2016
OZ Bongs is legit!!
Fast replying with any questions or enquiry I had. Fast notification of shipping.
Inventory is impeccable compared to every other store around!
I have bought a fair lot of stuff from here and I'm very happy with the service and the people that run this amazing store!
If you want a company that's quick, reliable, communicates with its customers & top-shelf products...

Added Feb 17, 2016
Don't know how many times i can say it ,but this is the place.
If you are in to an alternate life style,or just a healthy way of life,this place here and the people ,well you need not go no where else this is it.Thanks to every one there at OzBongs

Added Feb 16, 2016
Everything I ordered I received within days and in perfect condition! Shout out to Megan who provided excellent customer service and answered all the questions I had!

Added Feb 15, 2016
I found the range of products great and delivery fast. just wish there was other payment methods.
Lachlan Milne

Added Feb 5, 2016
Arrived only 3 days after purchase !! Insane delivery time and wrapped very securely, largest range of quality glassware and smoking ware available, very happy will shop again and definitely recommend others
Christopher K

Added Feb 3, 2016
Best bong I've ever used!! Nice and quiet which is perfect :) Great value for money, easy transaction and super fast delivery!! Would highly recommend OzBongs to anyone :)
OzBong User

Added Feb 1, 2016
Top quality service mate, me new bilge arrived in 2 days, fast shipping. Will be buying here again. :D

Added Jan 22, 2016
Great service, fast shipping couldn't be happier! :)


Added Jan 12, 2016
Bought a Black Leaf bong with an ice-chamber. The bong itself is absolutely beautiful and the cone piece is so unique, I love it.
Delivery was quick, and the owner was so helpful and kind when I rang up to enquire about the shipping process.
It works like a dream and I'll definitely be shopping here again. Amazing quality pieces here. 10/10 would recommend if you are considering it. :)

Added Jan 7, 2016
I have been a happy customer of Ozbongs for 3 years and have only ever had one small issue which they sorted out quickly and greatly overcompensated with freebies.
Great customer service, range and pricing.
I'll never shop elsewhere 10/10!
Bryce Buchanan

Added Jan 2, 2016
Great service,Fast shipping reliable and got some free goodies to boot!. These guys are awesome!

Merry Christmas To Everyone at OZBONGS and Have a happy new year!!

Added Dec 21, 2015
Made my first purchase the other week, package came within 2 days, unfortunately I didn't get what I ordered, after a simple two emails we've sorted it out and I'll be receiving the product I ordered free of charge within the next couple of days. Quick and easy service, will be using this website again in the future. 10/10

Added Dec 20, 2015
Hey man. Just wanna say thanks. I'm new to the site and in the last 2 weeks I have ordered many different things from you in 3 different shipments. Been happy with every single one of them especially delivery times. Thanks man!! Recommended to any new users skeptical!

Added Dec 16, 2015
I've been ordering from ozbongs for a few years now and I'm a VERY happy customer, I've never received a broken piece or had a negative experience and the staff are always super helpful and friendly if you have any questions. Ozbongs wrap your order so well that it's almost a chore to deal with the packaging haha!

Keep up the awesome work guys :)

Added Dec 14, 2015
Very helpful, with super fast postage. I will certainly be back, thank you for your help!
(Arcade Inc)

Added Dec 9, 2015
WOW the new banger is awesome guys as always you guys rock ,the 45 female 14mm banger works great man just like you said it would Mike and there is no heat on my high teck piece.

If any one in OZ is wanting to get a great piece of art work that will last and get to your home ,do it here ,and if you have any thing you worried about just email them they will help out in any way they can

Added Dec 7, 2015
amazing service and very quick postage, threw in filters and an extra pipe when i had a big order, fantastic guys thanks

Added Nov 26, 2015
I received a broken D-hub oil rig sent a few pictures and they sent a new one that day, very good customer service, always reply quickly.

Added Nov 25, 2015
I've made numerous purchases from you guys and I've never been disappointed, keep up the amazing work.

Added Nov 22, 2015
Quality items, professional service, freindly team, quick delivery and wrapped just like I would have haha
Looking forward to my next shop

Added Nov 18, 2015
Amazing service guys! I ordered a agung bong and an elephant shaped pip...both beautifully made!

Added Nov 10, 2015
2 more rounds of happy shopping, sure to be back again. Thank you for the free sample of Hemp Wick earlier. Had to buy myself the biggest roll making all the difference :) Almost had to switch back to only vaping because of lighters wrecking flavour and lungs..
8 month old DHop Glass piece continues to be an affordable yet very well kitted out piece for herb. And now cannot wait to run some concentrate through my new oil rig.

Thank you, OzBongs. You are good people.

Added Oct 28, 2015
Oz Bongs website is absolutely fantastic the customer service is 10/10 the products are second 2 none I am a very happy customer. Super fast delivery there isn\\\\\\\'t another website I\\\\\\\'ll even consider looking at great people great products fast service = very happy customers thanks everyone especially Mike haha cheers.

Added Oct 22, 2015
great service would recommend
Sent in a question about one of the items recieved a reply the next day
Ended up ordering from them took a couple days for it to be processed but once it was got the order in less than two days wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap, even got some free stuff
Will be ordering again

Added Oct 21, 2015
Extremely happy with my order. All of my questioned were answered quickly and diligently before placing my order. Delivery only took 2 days! Very impressed by everything, will definitely be making more orders in the future!
You guys rock!

Added Oct 13, 2015
Have been buying from these guys for about two years now. Always extremely friendly and prompt service.

5 stars, highly recommend. :)

Added Oct 11, 2015
I placed an order on the 1st of Oct and received it on the 6th. This was my first time buying from OzBongs and I'm more than impressed. High quality items - everything was discreet and packed securely! I mentioned in the order notes that I was purchasing the items as birthday gifts. When I received my package, they had kindly put in some Juicy Jay Birthday Cake papers for free! So surprised, so happy! I'll be buying again very soon. Thank you OzBongs!!

Added Oct 10, 2015
Super great Customer service, I got mine the next day and it wrapped in about 20 Layers of buble wrap.

Excellent website, definitely recommend :)

Added Oct 7, 2015
I have ordered several times from this website - both while living in Victoria and Queensland.

Every time, without fail, the delivery time has been less then a week, and the package itself has been well wrapped (with more bubble wrap than I could handle) and very discreet as well - no obvious labels or anything to indicate what's inside.

I have never received anything broken, or had anything missing from my package.

Also, whenever I have had any enquiries I have received a reply to messages usually within the hour.

I recommend this site to everyone.
Definitely 5-stars in my opinion!! :)


Added Oct 6, 2015
There's no doubt about it, these guys are THE BEST AT WHAT THEY DO.
I've been buying through this site for a while now and have never had any problems real people persons :).

But I had a big problem the other day when i received my package... my heart stopped when i opened it. I took a deep breath and immediately contacted the team at Ozbongz. by this stage i was like an animal that had lost one of there young, i got through explaining what had happened and they calmed me down and assured me that they would fix the situation.
And with no hesitation, apart from 100 percent proof from my behalf e.g. some photos and video if needed ......and straight away knew how i felt and replaced the item.

I received it the very next day.

100 out of 10 ratings from me :):):)


Added Oct 2, 2015
Can not believe the amazing service from this company!!

I used to try buy stuff off ebay and half the time it would be rejected sending to Australia. With ozbongs i receive my packages the next day!
Amazing people that take the time to actually discuss if theres an issue or if you have any questions.
My mates and i will not be spending out money elsewhere ever again!
Amazing products,excellent quality, superb service and cheap as chips!!!

420/420 guys. Keep it up! 👍
(shearing industry)

Added Oct 1, 2015
First time ordering from this site and definitely will not be the last! I love my new EHLE bong! Transaction was easy and shipping was fast! Highly recommend them!

Added Sep 22, 2015
Thankyou so so much! outstanding customer service very fast shipping. 100% legit. my go to place.

Added Sep 18, 2015
Best company I have dealt with period. Shipping was super quick to remote WA where it usually takes weeks to receive parcels it just took 2 days from Ozbongs. Couldn't be happier, will be shopping from them again for sure! =)

Added Sep 4, 2015
Brilliant service and got my backordered item in less than 24 hours after confirmation. Did not disappoint!

Added Sep 2, 2015
This is my favourite website.

Not only is it the cheapest online smoke shop in Australia, but the most reliable too.
I've ordered a few things from here and they are always shipped discreetly and safely, not to mention quick! Of all the times I've ordered from Ozbongs, not once have I had to wait more than a week for it to arrive.
Anything glass is always covered in too much bubble wrap (I could probably drop one from a second story and not crack the goods inside)

And the customer service is stellar. They didn't have exactly what I wanted, so they called me up, threw in an extra of the replacement and the package arrived the next day.

If only every business was this good.

Added Aug 31, 2015
Fast delivery, arrived in 3 days.
Had a change in the order cause they were out of the colour I was after, but I was given a couple freebies for the inconvenience which I was very pleased with. I am very happy with my products and will definitely be a returning customer.

Added Aug 29, 2015
Oz bongs are true blue legends. Every order ive made has been sent quickly and efficiently, not to mention the free goodies.Every request is met as they really go the extra effort. Cheers guys/gals, i will be back soon. :)

Added Aug 28, 2015
My order came superfast - in less than 24 hours from submitting order and bank deposit, my order had arrived. Wrapped in a mass of bubble wrap and then a layer of cardboard there was no chance of breakage in transit. Very discreet parcel. Products were exactly as described online. The tracking info supplied regarding my order was super handy. Thanks Ozbongs, very happy with service, price and speed. Will be shopping with you again.

Added Aug 28, 2015
Used this site 3 or 4 times now, with varying orders. All Arrived Safely, and Swiftly. Fast Transactions and Great Customer Service. When I was unsure of joint fittings Rob kindly assisted in a fashion that aided me with just the one message.
So Cheers to Rob and OZ Bongs, I will be back for sure!

Added Aug 27, 2015
I have to give a big shout out to the guys and girls here at ozbongs received my order this morning everything was perfect .. mike was a huge help in noticing id picked the wrong sizes and straight away he called me to resolve the problem .. this company has great customer service and megan replied very quickly to answer any of my questions ... will be ordering through them again once again thanks ozbongs
Andrew Schubank

Added Aug 25, 2015
Thanks for all the things i ordered,it got here safe and sound.A big thanks goes out to MIKE for all your help .thanks bro the female piece works great.and the honey bucket ...WOW!!!!a must have for any one.

Added Aug 24, 2015
Thank you so much!! great customer service and quick delivery!! Will be doing business again!

Added Aug 19, 2015
I made my payment via the Nab direct deposit only 3 working days later I received my package in the mail. I was slightly concerned ordering glassware through the post office but the guys at Ozbongs wrapped my goods in about 20 Meters of bubble wrapp, Breakage along the way is literally impossible!!!

Added Aug 16, 2015
Have had nothing but great service from ozbongs from when the transfer clears literally takes 2 days! Bubble wrapped packaging aswell wouldn't shop anywhere else!
Reece Howell

Added Aug 15, 2015
I cannot write a bad thing about this business, the speed of response, sending of items, customer service is exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend buying your supplies from here. Without question the quality of what they have is everything you want. Thanks, for a fantastic and trustworthy service. I will defiantly be returning again.

Added Aug 12, 2015
I bought two products off this website, they both came great they both came within 4 days, Heaps of bubble wrap, Will buy again! Going to test my mini agung bong tonight!

Added Aug 6, 2015
Ive been shopping here for the past 2 years, dozens of orders , countless freebies and always arrives safe and on time! A+ customer service and quality goods! happy 420!

Added Aug 4, 2015