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What is a Beaker Bong?

beaker bong is a term that has become accepted within the world of bongs to mean a bong with a conical Erlenmeyer flask bottom. 

The term "beaker" isn't really an accurate description for the shape of the bong, but it has become by far the most common and easily recognisable term, so that's the one we will stick with.

To the left is a picture of an Erlenmeyer flask typically found in a scientific laboratory. Glass on Glass bongs lend a lot of their design and components from the world of lab glass like this.

What are beaker bongs made from?

Usually glass, but they can also be ceramic, silicone, metal or plastic. Glass is by far the most popular though.

Borosilicate (Pyrex) glass is heat resistant, non toxic, quite strong and allows you to see what is happening inside of your bong, this is what makes it the popular choice for bongs.

What are the positives of a beaker bong?

Beaker style bongs are easy to use, easy to clean and because of simpler manufacturing are cheaper than their counterparts with percolators or complex designs. 

Beakers also don't have a foot that sticks out and catches on the edge of a coffee table when you lift it and they don't have small fiddly parts that are prone to breaking. If the downstem breaks you can replace it, or if you want to try a different downstem you can.

One other thing I think is worth noting is that budget beakers work just fine, much like high end versions, where as a budget percolator bong will usually not function as well as a high end percolator bong.

What size do beaker bongs come in?

From tiny to massive! Typically though what we consider a functional size for most people is between around 28cm and 50cm high. The most common sizes we sell are 14inch and 18inch which is 35cm to 45cm. Usually the difference between a 14 and 18 inch beaker is simply the neck length, the actual chamber and downstem are usually the same size.

What prices are glass beaker bongs?

Ozbongs sell beaker bongs everywhere from $30 to $1000+. $30 will be a simple budget Chinese made bong and as prices go up you will get into higher quality, thicker glass and bongs made in USA, Australia, Germany etc. At the top end of the range you will find custom or high end beakers with worked glass sections or colours.

Browse our range of beaker bongs here;

Below is a selection of Beaker Bongs we sell to give an indication of size and design differences.

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