We wholesale a few select products only. These are products which we import in large quantities to receive the best volume pricing and can therefore resell at a low price.

Products that we wholesale are typically those that are harder to find, higher quality or well known brands in the smoking industry overseas.

For legal reasons and for tax purposes, we can only offer wholesale accounts to businesses that operate adult related shops, ie: smoke shops, adult shops, tatooists etc. All products we wholesale are strictly for resale to persons age 18 or over.

Once you have a wholesale account on our website, a wholesale category will be present in the left hand menu, all wholesale products can be ordered here.

Terms are currently payment up front. This is something we may adjust in the future.

To receive a wholesale account, please register an account on our website, then email us your details including: the email address you registered the account under, business name and ABN.

An active ABN is requred for a wholesale account.